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to our Guests 
In consideration of the tragic moment that the tourist industry is going through due to the health emergency caused by the covid-19, in order to help overcome these moments of strong economic crisis, and to find ourselves ready to start, stronger than ever before, as soon as each one of us regains his freedom;
the Hotel International 
offers the opportunity to purchase a "holiday voucher" with an amount value increased by 30% compared on the best online offer, to be used for future bookings and valid until 30/09/2021. We are sure that all of this will soon be left behind but certainly not without its consequences. Each one of us will have to rething our priorities, reconsidering travel as an indispensable source to make up for time lost, begin to travel again and enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer will be our new priority.
We thank all those who want to join our initiative with the hope to meet each other soon and finally shake our hands!

How does it work:
For Istance Buying a voucher for an amount of euro 200,00 you will earn a credit for euro 260,00 which can be used for your next vacation.

Why buy it:
-Help us to overcome this difficult moments of economic crisis for the tourism industry.
-Save jobs for hotel emploees.
-Grant yourself a special price for your future vacation on Lake Garda til 30.09.2021.
-Tickets to local major attractions and parks at discounted prices (Gardaland, Movieland, Safari Park etc….)
-Motorboat tour around the Sirmione peninsula at crazy prices.

How to buy it:
Our "Holiday Voucher" can be purchased exclusively on our official website by filling in the appropriate FORM below.

Selling conditions:
- The Voucher can be used until 30/09/2021.
- Payment by bank transfer or credit card.
- The voucher’s request is subject to confirmation by the Hotel.
- The voucher can only be used with direct booking.
- The Voucher can be split on more bookings
- Min. Amount purchasable € 200.00 to a max of € 1,000.00.
- The booking request must be sent directly to the hotel by sending a copy of your voucher.
- is the price reference site. 


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